The internet is connecting communities of all sizes, creating exciting new possibilities for businesses across the United States. Providing digital tools and resources that help American business owners make the most of these connections is an important part of what I do. As the daughter of a small business owner, helping hardworking Americans like my parents makes this work particularly meaningful to me.

It was incredibly rewarding this past year to see the power of technology at work for so many different kinds of businesses. It helps a brick-and-mortar business like Amini’s — a specialty furniture store in St. Louis, Missouri — build an e-commerce strategy that puts its website at the center of its work. It lets a rural business like Fuller’s Sugarhouse share its maple syrup with customers in Switzerland, France, Australia, Brazil and Mexico– far beyond its hometown of Lancaster, New Hampshire. There are also veteran-owned businesses, nonprofits, and digital businesses using the web and Google products and programs to thrive. When more businesses have access to digital tools to help them grow, we see the great impact that this has on the communities we live in.

In 2018, our search and advertising tools helped create $335 billion in economic activity for millions of businesses, website publishers, and nonprofits across the country. Each month, we drive over 1 billion connections for businesses nationwide, like phone calls or online reservations. We’re also connecting businesses with customers overseas; in 2018 more than 35% of clicks for U.S. business advertising on Google came from places outside the U.S.

We’re connecting with business owners in their hometowns through Grow with Google, our initiative to create economic opportunity for all Americans. Since 2017, we’ve provided over 3 million people with digital skills training and upskilling opportunities, helping them prepare for work, find jobs, and grow their businesses. This includes hosting workshops and classes in more than 40 cities and towns across the country. Digital skills are a must-have in today’s economy, and our goal is to ensure that every business owner has the skills they need to succeed. The faces behind the thriving companies featured in this report inspire me and everyone at Google to further this important work.


Mary Ellen Coe
President, Google Customer Solutions